Lasater Ranch

Outside of Limon, Colorado (an area known for producing giants), this 8700-acre ranch is the home of beautiful rolling grasslands, Big Sandy Creek, and massive Muleys & Pronghorns. Join us November through December for these trips.

The Lasater Ranch boasts a deep and unique history in cattle ranching that started in old Mexico, moved north into Texas and then finally planted roots along the Big Sandy Creek southwest of Limon, CO. The Ranch is 8700 acres of beautiful, rolling grasslands that are cut by the cottonwood tree filled creek bottom of the Big Sandy. With thanks to the Lasater’s, their holistic style of cattle management leads to extremely impressive grass growth and forage on this ranch. 

This part of Colorado is known for producing some real giants in the mule deer game and the Lasater is holding true to those standards. We offer two different rifle hunts, “early rifle” is typically the first week of November and “late” rifle is always December 1-5. The early rifle hunt is a pre-rut hunt that consists of systematically covering the creek bottom and surrounding grasslands glassing for mature bucks that have not yet started to rut but typically can be found not too far from the does. This hunt requires patience because we will see a lot of 2-4-year-old bucks that have great genes but need a few more years to reach the full potential. The late rifle hunt typically falls around the peak of the rut or just after and we focus more on the doe groups in hope that they are still hot and pulling in the big bucks from the prairie.

As with our Chico Basin hunt, the archery deer hunt on the Lasater is filled with excitement. This hunt is conducted in the last two weeks of November during the heat of the rut. A typical day could consist of 3-4 stalks while seeing deer almost all day long. During the “cruising” phase of the rut, the cottonwood trees do offer great concealment for ground blind sits. On this hunt we do a combo of ground blinds and big glassing leading into spot-n-stalks. All of our deer hunts on this ranch are on a strict management program which means young deer will not be killed unless they show poor genes.

The Lasater’s antelope population boasts not only quantity but excellent quality as well. Our hunts are rifle only and a patient hunter can easily expect an opportunity on a mid-70’s buck on the 3-day hunt. The rolling grasslands with a combination of rocky bluffs makes these speed goat stalks pure fun. Typically, we take 2-4 hunters on this hunt and while 2 points are needed to draw for a non-resident, we do have the opportunity to purchase landowner vouchers if needed and available.

All of our hunts include cabin-style lodging with two home-cooked meals and a packed lunch per day. We pair you up with an experienced guide that will not only guide you but will also take care of your harvest in a clean, professional manner.

Hunting packages

Type of Hunt


  • Rifle & Muzzy Mule Deer
    • 5-Day Hunt: $6,000 per Person
  • Archery Mule Deer
    • 5-Day Hunt: $5,500 per Person
    • 7-Day Hunt: $6,500 per Person
  • Late Mule Deer
    • 5-Day Hunt: Call for Pricing
  • Rifle & Muzzy Pronghorn
    • 3-Day Hunt: $2,500 per Person

*Trophy fees apply to mule deer over 179⅞” (gross score).

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NEW FOR 2020

We’ve gained 8,000 acres of prime muley country outside Julesburg, Colorado in unit 93. Please call (303) 704-7765 for more info and follow La Garita Outfitters on Instagram and Facebook for pics and updates.

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