Zapata Ranch

Located near Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, this area of the Sangre de Cristo Range is well-known for its massive elk herd known as the “Sand Dunes Herd.” These elk hunts typically run from mid-August to mid-November.

Hunting packages

Type of Hunt


  • Prime Bull Hunts (9/1 – 10/10); 5-Day Hunt
    • $8,000 per Person
  • 1st & 2nd Rifle; 5-Day Hunt
    • $5,500 per Person
  • Late Bull; 5-Day Hunt
    • $4,000 per Person
  • Cow Hunt; 3-Day Hunt
    • $1,500 per Person

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The Experience

Elk from this herd call the Zapata home due to its vast grasslands, abundant water sources, and cover provided by the rolling sand dunes. Landowner tags are available to all and do not require any additional cost or preference points. The beauty of this hunt is the type of landowner voucher which allows rifle bull hunts to begin September 1st and run through the end of November. This provides unprecedented opportunities to hunt Colorado elk in the rut with a rifle.

Cow elk hunts are based on the same voucher system as our bull hunts and all tags are “list B” tags which allow you to hold an additional elk tag for that year. Refer to the online brochure at for more info in regards to licenses.

Rifle cow hunts are available from mid-August through mid-November. Although these hunts are rifle-based, opportunities are available to hunt elk with bows, black powder, etc.

Hunting the Zapata provides extremely good odds of not only taking a bull elk but one that scores well into the 300s. This hunt provides on-ranch lodging and features flat land as opposed to the rugged terrain typically associated with Colorado elk hunts.